Saturday, November 15, 2008

The tongue

Today we had a game in Mabton. I think we had more fun watching Marin's facial expressions then the game. The picture is a little blurred but she has her tongue sticking out as she dribbles down the court. The fun part for us today is how much she does this on the basketball court and a lot of other things she does too. We giggled because if you ever have seen Devin play he makes weird faces too! It must be hereditary I think they get it from Jeff's side of the family. :)
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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's ok Prosser, The Batgirls' are here to protect you. Sleep well tonight knowing we are out keeping you safe! Batman was busy taking our picture so you don't get to see him. It was so much fun dressing up with Marin this year. I teased with Vickie that the Jokers' were Devin and Trevor. I know not very nice of me but quite funny!

Okay boys here we go and we can do this!
Way to go STALLIONS B!!! You played your hearts out and played together as a team. We are all proud of you all!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wants music and better designs

Devin would like someone to help his mom figure out the music and better designs for the Blog.
I guess Amy or Lynn I will have to get with you so you can help me learn how to do this.
Doesn't he look handsome for his Double 007 day for homecoming week?

Family Dinner and everyone survived!

Finally eating dinner as a family, and it isn't Thanksgiving yet! I guess this could be one of the plus sides of our situation. I actually made a real dinner (I know I hope you were sitting down for that one). I made a meatloaf and the whole family liked it. (Oh sorry Devin says he didn't like it) I usually like the quick and easy meals for the kids and I.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Down at Hat Rock we stayed at a house for a couple of days. Here are the great mighty fishermen! (Devin, Wade, and Trevor) It was so nice to see all the boys getting along and having a good time. Marin as you noticed decided that she needed a spot of her own away from the boys. We actually caught fish but never ate them. Trevor decided he prefers catch and release he couldn't stand the idea of killing one. (But he loves to fish).